Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hi! My name is Laura, and this is my brand-new blog. Thanks for visiting!

A little about me: I'm 22 and I just started graduate school for an MFA in creative writing (poetry), right after graduating with my BA in English last May. I am originally from Rhode Island and just moved to the Boston area.

Some things that I like: walking down the road when the streetlights are just going on, finding something hidden and perfect at a thrift store, spending a day exploring an interesting place, sitting by a window with a book and a big mug of coffee (or any other hot beverage, really).

This is going to be a personal blog filled with musings and thoughts and fancies, an archive, a collection of moments and found things, a curiosity cabinet, a notebook for scribbling down ideas and making sure that I don't forget any days or moments that were magical. There will also be a lot about writing, and books I like, and how awesome and terrifying it is to want to be a writer.

For more about me and this blog, please visit the about page. Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you'll come back!


  1. Welcome to blogging! And welcome to 20sb!


  2. Hey Laura! Welcome! I'm new to the blog community as well! I love you layout, its so snazzy! I'm trying to make mine snazzy as well but its not working out to great for me:( lol...I have my BA as well but still deciding on what to do for grad school.

  3. Happy Blogging!

    P.S although we live thousands of miles away, my wife and I have one of the exact same windmills that you have in your photo! It's a small world :)

  4. hello and thank you for the welcome! Marilyn, thanks so much for the complements on the layout, I was so indecisive about what it should look like! Supergreensunbear, yes that is so funny! I love those windmills!