Hi! I'm Laura. I'm a 22-year-old grad student in creative writing, focusing on nonfiction. I teach first-year writing and also work as a writing tutor and editorial assistant. I live in the Boston area, which I love to the point of obsession. I usually wear bright colors and take a book with me everywhere I go.

I love stories of all kinds, and books -- how they feel, how they smell, how alive they are. I love how a writer can render something so perfectly that you read it and say yes, I know, I thought I was the only one. Things that I am interested in writing about include: small things that are so beautiful they give you that weird longing for you-don't-know-what (like light-patterns on a street corner, or windows, especially old ones), systems of classification, how fascinating people are yet how hard it is to get to know them, shyness, how people learn, my grandfather's antique clock collection, and interactions on public transportation.

Other things that I like are adventures (and I am very excitable so I am over the moon about the smallest adventures, like going out for breakfast or exploring a new corner of the city); fashion, style, and decor, especially of the thrifty kind; art, especially the whimsically offbeat kind; and hanging out with my boyfriend and doing silly things like playing video games from when we were kids.

I made this blog so that I could have a record of the new life I've started by moving to Boston and enrolling in a creative writing MFA program. It's a personal blog that will be filled with all the things I think about, including musings about trying to become a professional writer and figuring out life as an early 20-something, in addition to other things that I love, like books and style and adventures. Expect to see posts about things that are currently inspiring me, lots of ideas (some of which might be ridiculous), book reviews, posts about style and decor, and random glimpses of my daily life. I really appreciate your visit and hope that you'll keep reading!