Sunday, February 20, 2011

happy things this past week

Happy things this past week:

The first springlike days of the year last Thursday and Friday -- wearing my new light pink trenchcoat and beloved pair of heeled oxfords (in the picture).

Going to an MFA reading at my school, then out for margaritas with some friends. How great it is to spend so much time with writers.

Dinner with the boyfriend's mom on Saturday. She gave us two Japan travel guides and I've been devouring them ever since.

My mom coming to visit me today, along with my dad's cousin (who is pretty much like my aunt). Paninis and soup in Davis Square.

Spending an afternoon writing, in that stage of writing that is just the best, when you finally have a handle on where you want to take the piece, and you are so into the writing that you don't notice time passing at all.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely week and I LOVE that picture!!! Your shoes ROCK!

  2. thanks so much! I love those shoes... I bought them in December, right before it started snowing like mad in Boston and I stopped leaving the house without boots on -- so I haven't gotten to wear them much and they still feel brand new! I'm looking forward to wearing them all the time in spring.

  3. Gorgeous shoes, and oh, writing like that is utterly lovely. It sounds like you had a fantastic time!